Where to Purchase

The Kuna Melba News can be purchased for 75 cents at several locations in Kuna, Melba and Meridian:

  • Chevron, 150 Deer Flat Road, Kuna
  • Jacksons, 330 W Main Street, Kuna
  • Paul's Market, 700 E Avalon Plaza, Kuna
  • Super C, 331 Avenue D, Kuna
  • The Big Smoke, 1029 E Kuna Road, Kuna
  • Melba Valley Market, 114 Fourth Street, Melba
  • Jacksons, Corner Meridian and Overland, Meridian

We also have several coin operated newsracks in Kuna in front of our office, the Post Office, Ben's Quik Wok and Sandstone Plaza.