Hi, my name is Alx Stevens, and I’m still your reporter.

Next week, you’ll start seeing all the stories I write with this byline:



What’s the story behind the name change?

God brought me and Eric together as friends about six years ago at a frozen yogurt shop. After countless games of Munchkins, years of being neighbors, running a marathon together, and other adventures, we decided to be more than friends.

I’m happy to report I married Eric H Stevens on July 1. Eric’s father married us, blessing us with a lifetime of love and happiness. My parents drove all night the day before to serve as witnesses and calm any pre-wedding jitters I had. Eric’s mother made us a delicious carrot cake wedding cake.

Under a few evergreen trees, we winged our wedding vows in a small ceremony attended by family in Rexburg.

As newlyweds, our first adventure was taking two of our nieces to Melba Olde Tyme Fourth of July.

When people ask me how married life is, I tell them it’s great, and that I love Eric so “stupid much” (my words) and that married life is not too much different than being “engaged,” except for some added bonuses.

But there’s more.

One of my favorite “married life” stories involves a solo trip to Albertsons about a month ago to buy some groceries. Eric was cooking, so I went to get some supplies. I got to the store, and couldn’t remember what he needed. So, I called him up.

I have no idea why, but he sounded so excited.

“Hi sweetie!”

Suddenly, I was his girlfriend again, getting ready to come over to his place for dinner, uncertain what to buy, calling him, his answer giving away how excited he was for us to get together that night. Deja vu, two years later.

Then I was his wife again, with a stupid smile on my face in the middle of a frozen-food aisle.

How blessed am I to have a husband who is excited to talk to me on the phone barely 10 minutes after I left home, kissing him goodbye, promising to be back quick with groceries.

He told me what he needed; I can’t remember what it was. But I do remember him saying, enthusiastically, “I love you sweetie” as we hung up.

So, I guess when people ask me how married life is, I should respond, “It’s a blessing, with unexpected moments, full of love, and the best life I could hope for.”

Alx George is the reporter for Kuna Melba News. Contact her at 208-922-3008 or editor@kunamelba.com.


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