Kuna police responded to a report that an armed person was in the Hawks Nest subdivision the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 26.

Kuna Police Chief Jon McDaniel said the suspect, a 19-year-old Meridian man, armed with a gun approached a resident’s home on Black Hawk Drive seeking contact in violation of a protection order. When the resident refused to speak with him, the suspect locked himself in a vehicle around 2:30 p.m. near the home.

McDaniel said this is a felony stalking investigation that’s been underway. The victim of the stalking was the individual who called 911.

After about six hours, police vehicles pinned the vehicle containing the man. The suspect was then told he was under arrest and to exit the vehicle.

The suspect shot then shot himself in the stomach area. No other shots were fired. Paramedics were on standby and immediately took him to a hospital.

The suspect’s injuries do not appear life threatening, according to McDaniel.

McDaniel also said there were no previous orders in place that would have prevented this man from having a gun. However, pending charges include felony stalking and violation of a projection order.

A crisis team was called and tried to negotiate with the suspect for several hours. A red alert was issued to multiple residents in the area. No schools were evacuated, McDaniel said, as the suspect was contained to the east Black Hawk Drive area.

“We really appreciate the public’s cooperation, and staying out of the scene,” McDaniel said. “We are thankful the victim and the community are safe.”


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