KUNA — More commercial and residential development is coming to the Deer Flat and Meridian roads area.

Three businesses — O’Reilly Auto Parts, Reel Theater and Smoky Mountain Pizzeria — and two subdivisions — Ashton Estates and Winfield Springs — have submitted paperwork to build, according to Kuna Planning and Zoning documents.

There is room for more development.

Dark blue spaces on the image provided by Kuna Planning and Zoning Department show space that can be purchased and utilized for commercial development. The light blue space represents land that is approved to be built upon.

Mustard yellow spaces represent areas that could have future commercial or residential development.

The parcel that is in city limits is currently zoned R-6 (residential with up to six dwellings per acre), according to Trevor Kesner, planner II for Kuna Planning and Zoning Department. The other vacant parcel that is not annexed into Kuna City limits is zoned as Rural-Urban Transition, which is an Ada County zoning designation.

All five entities — O’Reilly Auto Parts, Reel Theater, Smoky Mountain Pizzeria, Ashton Estates and Winfield Springs — have gone before and been approved by Kuna Planning and Zoning Commission. Design reviews have been approved, so all can start building.


ASHTON ESTATES, name pending, is zoned for commercial and residential development. About 34.5 acres are zoned R-6, or medium-density residential, for a subdivision. It plans to have 133 single-family lots, 20 common lots, or shared space, and a city park.

Homes are estimated to be worth about $270,000, according to Kuna Planning and Zoning documents. Based on 2016 levy rates, the property could raise almost $709,000 in levy funds.

Another portion of the property is zoned R-12, or high-density residential, meaning a maximum of 12 residences can be built on each acre.

Almost 20 acres is zoned C-1, also called neighborhood commercial. The plan has nine commercial lots.

The property totals about 50.7 acres on the southeast corner of Deer Flat and Meridian roads.

O’REILLY AUTO PARTS STORE is an auto parts to be built on .88 acres of land. The building will be about 7,453 square feet near Dollar Tree.

REEL THEATER is an approximately 31,542-square-foot building with 13 screens/auditoriums, according to Kuna Planning and Zoning documents. It is planned to be built on previously farmed land near Ridley’s Market. It would seat 1,411 people at capacity.

Reel Theater, with a potential restaurant and bar, would occupy about 16.4 acres of land.

Plans for the theater were approved early 2016. Though it has been nearly two years since approval, city officials assure residents Reel Theater still plans to build at the location.

SMOKY MOUNTAIN PIZZERIA AND GRILL is an approximately 4,069-square-foot sit-down restaurant on about 1.5 acres of land. It will be built near Tractor Supply. The restaurant also plans to operate a bar, which has been approved by Kuna Planning and Zoning Commission.

The building will look like Boise, Meridian and Nampa locations.

WINFIELD SPRINGS, name pending, is a subdivision with 342 single-family lots and 33 common lots. The property is about 111.2 acres on Deer Flat Road across from Bi-Mart.

“The design of the project is intended to complement the existing single-family residential uses that area already in the area,” Kristie Watkins said a Kuna Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

The project also proposes a playground, pathways, including one along the Kuna Canal, a clubhouse and pool, according to Kuna Planning and Zoning Commission meeting minutes. It is planned to be built in seven phases.


Kuna Planning and Zoning Department received a Design Review application Monday, Nov. 20 for a new fast-food restaurant proposed to be constructed on the parcel directly east of Tractor Supply, and south of the Smokey Mountain site. Kuna Planning and Zoning will release more information as it becomes available.

KJ’S SUPERSTORE consists of a convenience store, fueling islands and a car wash. Construction is underway. Read more in the Nov. 15 edition of Kuna Melba News.

Alx Stevens is the reporter for Kuna Melba News. Contact her at 208-922-3008 or editor@kunamelba.com.


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