Pat Jones

Pat Jones is a member of the Kuna City Council.

Kuna City Council candidate Pat Jones withdrew his candidacy Sept. 20.

Jones told Kuna Melba News he is withdrawing for personal reasons concerning a “possible opportunity” that, if taken, could force him to resign from council following the election.

Jones did not say what the opportunity was.

“I don’t feel right running based on that,” he said. “And I think it’s not fair to the voters who would vote for me, and the other candidates, for me to continue to pursue (candidacy).”

“It’s all out of respect,” Jones added.

With Jones withdrawing, this means that five candidates will run for the two open city council seats. The two highest vote-receivers will be elected to fill the seats.

When asked what advice Jones would give the candidate who fills his seat, Jones said he advises the prospective council member do their due-diligence in researching what is brought before them, such as new subdivisions, code changes or property annexations.

He also advises council members to vote for what they feel is right, not necessarily what is popular.

Jones will finish the four-year term he is currently serving.

Some city council accomplishments Jones is proud of which took place during his term include:

  • Funding a city dog park
  • Funding the future splash pad
  • Purchasing the city hall building, which is equity for the city
  • Purchasing more playground equipment

Jones said he will miss being on the council and that he felt it was a positive experience.

“I always thought I did what was best for Kuna,” Jones said. “As a council member, I put (the people) first, as they elected me to represent them. The experience was different than I thought it was going to be, but I’ve been involved with a good group of people on the council.”

Alx George is the IPT education reporter. Contact her at 465-8178 or Follow @missalxgeorge.


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