While attending an informational meeting about neighborhood watch groups, Kuna legislator, Sen. Lori Den Hartog, R-Meridian, made a promise to local law enforcement.

Den Hartog said she would bring up the issue of Kuna police being able to issue misdemeanors to juveniles rather than citations during the 2018 Legislative Session after officers expressed challenges and concerns about the law.

In 2015, according to Kuna police chief Jon McDaniel, Idaho law was changed to require law enforcement to issue citations, similar to a speeding ticket, to juveniles rather than misdemeanors. Misdemeanors allowed officers to search the juvenile suspects and arrest them.

With the 2018 Legislative Session underway, local lawmakers are presenting and considering an array of bills from transportation budgeting to education spending to agriculture regulations to local government issues.

Residents are able to contact their legislators with concerns, thoughts, questions, etc.

The city limits of Kuna is part of Legislative District 22.

Kuna’s legislators are:

  • Sen. Lori Den Hartog, R-Meridian
  • Rep. John Vander Woude, R-Nampa
  • Rep. Jason A. Monks, R-Nampa

The city limits of Melba is part of Legislative District 11.

Melba’s legislators are:

  • Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, R-Huston
  • Rep. Scott Syme, R-Caldwell
  • Rep. Christy Perry, R-Nampa

Additional information — such as occupation, number of terms served and committee associations — about these and other Idaho legislators is available at: https://legislature.idaho.gov/legislators/

Residents in rural areas (outside of Kuna and Melba city limits) may want to check who their legislators are by visiting the website and entering their address in the ‘Who’s My Legislator?’ box.

Reporter’s note: information provided by https://legislature.idaho.gov/legislators/


Contacting Kuna legislators:

  • Sen. Lori Den Hartog:
  • Rep. Jason A. Monks
    • Email: jmonks@house.idaho.gov
    • Phone:
      • Business: 208-884-8684
      • Statehouse: 208-332-1036 (during session only)
    • Mail: 3865 S. Black Cat Road, Nampa, 83687
  • Rep: John Vander Woude
    • Email: jvanderwoude@house.idaho.gov
    • Phone:
      • Home: 208-888-4210
      • Statehouse: 208-332-1037 (during session only)
    • Mail: 5311 Ridgewood Road, Nampa, 83687

Contacting Melba legislators:

  • Sen. Patti Anne Lodge
    • Email: palodge@senate.idaho.gov
    • Phone:
      • Home: 208-459-7158
      • Statehouse: 208-332-1320 (during session only)
    • Mail: P.O. Box 96, Huston, 83630
  • Rep. Christy Perry
    • Email: cperry@house.idaho.gov
    • Phone:
      • Home: 208-880-9720
      • Statehouse: 208-332-1044 (during session only)
    • Mail: P.O. Box 750, Nampa, 83653
  • Rep. Scott Syme
    • Email: ssyme@house.idaho.gov
    • Phone:
      • Home: 208-573-9301
      • Statehouse: 208-332-1047 (during session only)
    • Mail: 206 S. 9th Avenue / Suite 105, Caldwell, 83605

Alx Stevens is the reporter for Kuna Melba News. Contact her at 208-922-3008 or editor@kunamelba.com.


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