Kuna Fire Station #2

Kuna Fire Station No. 2 is located on Kuna Road near the Desert View area. There is no outlet east and south, and north ends at a dead end, so the only direction emergency vehicles can travel is west.


KUNA — The Kuna Rural Fire District is looking to auction off its second fire station located on Kuna Road.

The second station is not currently in operation, however, an ambulance and other resources are stored there, Kuna Fire Chief Perry Palmer said. The sale of the second fire station would provide the funds to build a new, better fire station at a better location.

Sealed bids will be accepted until 5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 8. The bids will be presented to the Kuna Rural Fire board of commissioners at its 7 p.m. meeting that same day.

Minimum bid for the station is $140,000. Palmer said it was initially built in the 1980s for about $180,000.

That fire station used to service the Desert View area, and was initially built by Desert View. Then that area became part of the Kuna Rural Fire District. That station then became owned by the Kuna Rural Fire District.


Some residents have voiced concerns about not having close emergency services on the south side of the railroad tracks. The second station is located on that side of the railroad tracks.

Palmer explained a few factors contribute to its lack of use and the decision to put it up for auction.

First, he said, the Kuna Road fire station is outdated and too small, so much so that current fire trucks can’t fit inside it. The bays are about 29 feet, the fire department’s shortest truck is about 33 feet. That station also has a limited capacity for holding personnel.

Secondly, the fire station is not in a good location. It serviced Desert View area well, but it’s far away from other locations. Palmer added there’s only one outlet, west, to access areas. There is no access to other roads east and south, and north becomes a dead end.

With the sale of the station Palmer said he hopes to purchase land and build near Cloverdale and Kuna roads, which would provide better access to areas like Arrow Rock subdivision, Desert Hawk subdivision and C.S. Beef Packers.

Palmer said the newly-built second station would be an operational fire station, just not staffed, and will continue to house equipment. However, when personnel and growth provide the conditions for a second, more fully operational station, Palmer said he hopes more volunteers will offer to work in that area.

Palmer added that few volunteers live in that area, so currently staffing a station out there would be challenging. Most of the fire district’s calls, he said, are within two miles of the Boise Street fire station. If calls in the Cloverdale and Kuna roads area increase, Palmer and the board will consider staffing that new, second location.

He added the department is looking for more volunteers willing to work in the Cloverdale and Kuna roads area. There are 14 full-time, paid firefighters.

“We’re exploring relocating to a more advantageous location,” Palmer said. “I am confident what we get from the sale will cover a new station.”

Alx Stevens is the reporter for Kuna Melba News. Contact her at 208-922-3008 or editor@kunamelba.com.


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