Campaign finance reports

Kuna City Council candidates Richard Cardoza and Paul Schepper are the only two candidates to report receiving contributions and making expenditures through Oct. 22 for the 2017 election. Note: reports for candidate Charles Ericson are unavailable at this time.


KUNA — Council candidates Richard Cardoza and Paul Schepper have reported campaign contributions and expenditures during October.

City council candidates have filed updated campaign finance reports detailing contributions and expenditures from Oct. 1-22.

Cardoza reported he received $800 in contributions from Oct. 1-22. Cardoza contributed $300 to his own campaign. The Idaho Association of Realtors contributed $500.

Cardoza reported he spent $225 on advertising in the Kuna Melba News.

He also reported he received no contributions and made no expenditures prior to October.

Schepper reported he received $1,500 in contributions from three entities during Oct. 1-22. He received $500 from Solidarity PAC, $500 from Nampa Firefighters PAC and $500 from Boise Firefighters PAC.

Schepper reported he spent almost $143 at Victory Store in expenditures.

Prior to October, Schepper reported he received a $1,000 contribution from the Professional Firefighters of Idaho and he received a $500 contribution from Kuna Firefighters Local 4165. He reported spending about $637 at various stores.

Candidates Warren Christensen and Ramona Martin reported no contributions or expenditures up to Oct. 22.

Reports for Charles Ericson were unavailable as of Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Reports are available at

Alx Stevens is the reporter for Kuna Melba News. Contact her at 208-922-3008 or


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