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The only people in Kuna who were happy with all the snow this winter might have been the racers from the Kuna High School Ski and Board team. The Bogus Basin ski resort hosts high school races for six weeks in January and February. Team members carpool up the mountain during the season to pr…

KUNA — Oct. 8 delivered a crisp, if not downright chilly, morning for the Kuna Cross-County “Everybody Run” race, where cross-country moms, dads, grandparents, brothers, sisters, a school board member and some masters runners gathered to support the team with all funds from the race donated …

KUNA — With a trip to the state playoffs on the line, Kuna lined up on the Borah five-yard line for the crucial fourth down conversion. The team needed three yards to convert for first and goal.

Kuna (5-7-1) vs Boise (9-1-3)

KUNA — Kuna High School cross-country coach Chuck Tookey was elated by the effort shown by the freshmen and junior varsity runners this week at the Roger Curran meet in Nampa. Two of those runners included Olivia Strickland and Greta Kingsbury, both freshmen who decided to take a chance and …

Running continues to be a popular life-long sport in the United States, with 7.6 million runners participating in 5K road races in 2015, according to

Kuna High School girls soccer: