Alx George

I heard the motorcycle park behind me.

A bald, clean-shaven man got off the motorcycle and came into the Kuna Melba News office.


“Hello, how are you?” I asked.

“Damn good. And you?”


“No, Damn good,” he responded.

I laughed, and asked him how I could help. The man, Dave, asked if we had a lost and found, because he found some keys outside our building.

I politely requested he take them to the police station. We stepped outside so I could give him directions, then, forgetting whether it was a right or a left on Boise Street, brought up a map to show him.

I thanked him for bringing this to my attention, and he rewarded my thanks with a story.

One year, he lost his wallet. He later received a call from someone saying they had the wallet.

Dave said he has two philosophies. One is if every person said a nice thing to a stranger, the world would be at peace.

The second is pay it forward.

That same week, a woman came into the office asking if I could run a thank you to the person who found her purse. The note reads:

"To the unknown hero who turned in my purse to Albertsons. In a hurry, not paying attention, I walked off and left it. Thank you a thousand times over!"

To conclude this column’s shout-outs, I’d like to make a personal shout-out to my co-worker Karri Keller. First, I’d like to thank her for always listening to my ravings, helping me with my projects and telling me fun stories.

Second, I’d like to recognize all the effort she has contributed to this year’s Kuna Days. Not only does she do all she does for Kuna Melba News, like selling ads and helping people who visit the office, but she also helps coordinate events, make sure permits are filed, and more that I'm not aware of because she takes care of it.

We both want to recognize all the Kuna Days committee members, volunteers, sponsors and everyone else from both Kuna and Melba who make Kuna Days happen each year.

Do you have a shout-out you want to give, or maybe a pay-it-forward story you'd like to share? Please email me at, or please come visit me at the Kuna Melba News office, 326 N. Avenue D in Kuna.

Alx George is the Kuna Melba News reporter. Contact her at 208-922-3008 or


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