Tyler Nicholson

Tyler Nicholson competes at the 2017 Idaho High School Rodeo Finals.

Courtesy Sherri Nicholson

Tyler Nicholson took home the boy’s cutting championship at the Idaho State High School finals.

He went in with the goal to win the Cutting on June 5, and he did just that, blowing the field away with 64 total points, and winning the short go with perfect score of 150.

Tyler had the highest score in three go-rounds and lead the average by 15 points above the other competitors.

Tyler is one of the highest-placing youth in the High School Rodeo Cutting Horse in 2016, when Tyler placed sixth in the nation, winning the short go on his horse Sly Fly. He is also a four-time state qualifier, and a three-time national qualifier.

He was awarded NCHA Rookie of the year in 2015. That same year, he was the Idaho State champion for the Rodeo Trap Shooting team.

Tyler has met the criteria to become the Prestigious Team Cinch logo for the state of Idaho 2014-2017.

“The sport of Rodeo and Cutting has taught me to always do your best, have fun, and live with the results,” Tyler said. “I have went to state and knowing that I could do it, but also knowing that whatever is in God’s will, that is what I want to happen.

“Win, lose or draw! It has been an experience competing at the State and National finals. I feel very fortunate to have the caliber of horse to compete ... his name is Sly Fly and we are a team.

“Many thanks to my parents and horse trainer Jody Cada for helping me accomplish my dreams.”


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