KUNA — After 14 years of business, Natu and Sharda Patel have sold the Super ‘C’ Store.

Natu and Sharda Patel sold the convenience store, located on the corner of Main Street and Avenue D, to Jenna and Karl von der Ehe.

The business changed hands 2 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 2

Since then, Natu and Sharda Patel have been training Jenna and Karl von der Ehe on running the gas station and the store.


Natu and Sharda Patel immigrated to the United States May 1983 from India. To be closer to family, the Patels left Chicago, Illinois to move to Kuna and operate a small business. In March 2004, they moved to Idaho and bought the Super ‘C’ Store.

When the Patels bought the store, the selection of groceries was smaller, Natu Patel said, and there were about half a dozen tables, which were not very clean.

Despite the obvious task of cleaning up the place, Natu and Sharda Patel knew they wanted to own the store and improve it for the community.

“My wife and I had confidence,” Natu Patel said. “ Now everyone likes this place.”

Natu and Sharda Patel plan to move to Ohio in about six months to a year, Natu Patel said. They want to be closer to more of their family.

Their son has a business, under construction, that he plans to own and run with Natu Patel.

“We want to give thanks to mayor Stear, the sheriff’s department, firefighters, everyone,” Natu Patel said. “We want to thank the community for supporting us.”


Karl von der Ehe is a teacher at Meridian Technical Charter High School and an adjunct instructor at the College of Western Idaho.

Jenna von der Ehe has her Master of Business Administration degree, and has been a stay-at-home mom, which will change now that she and her husband own the Super ‘C’ Store.

The von der Ehes live in Kuna with their four children.

“We love Kuna, the local vibe, the community,” Jenna von der Ehe said. “We want to support the local community. We believe in this town.”

Jenna and Karl von der Ehe have already implemented some new features to the store, such as a popcorn machine, salt water taffy and being open on Sundays.

And they have plans for more.

The von der Ehes hope to bring in custom jerky, a greater selection of fountain drinks, and a growler station.

The couple also plans to have a community bill board for local announcements, such as sold or for sale animals through Kuna FFA and Kuna 4-H.

“We want to support hard work at a young age,” Karl von der Ehe said.

Jenna and Karl von der Ehe intend to keep the store’s name as Super ‘C’ Store because it’s nostalgic for the community.

“Natu and his wife have been wonderful to work with, Karl von der Ehe said. “They want to see us succeed.”

Alx George is the reporter for Kuna Melba News. Contact her at 208-922-3008 or editor@kunamelba.com.


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