Courtesy Tammy Stowe McClure

KUNA — Her third year on American Ninja Warrior is the charm for Tammy Stowe McClure.

McClure has competed on the TV show for the past three years, but she hasn’t gotten TV time yet. This year, though, is different. She’ll be on TV.

“It’s kind of a little bonus for people to see my run,” she said.

The show airs 7 p.m. Monday, July 17, on NBC channel 7.

Known as Kuna’s “Wine Warrior,” McClure owns and runs Indian Creek Winery with her husband, Mike McClure. When she’s not behind the counter offering tastings, Tammy Stowe McClure is sometimes either climbing or practicing Ninja courses at gyms.

She’s been known to incorporate wine into some of her workouts.

Stowe McClure said that the show presents about one quarter of the competitors, and it’s not based on how they did. Her first year competing, in Indianapolis, she took 4th place among the women competitors, 38th overall.

Stowe McClure was inspired to compete by a climber on the show. Herself a climber, and hearing that climbers often did well in the competition, Stowe McClure decided to compete. She competed in Denver, Colorado, this year.

“I can’t tell you how I did,” she said, “but you’ll find out.”


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