KUNA — Troy and Vicki Todd want to clarify: The Indian Creek Sports property is for sale, not the business itself.

The Todds put the Avalon Street property up for sale about a year ago with the intent to sell it and move the business to a larger location. The property hosts boats, a 1,400-square-foot office and store — which sells motors, fuel and other supplies — and two 2,500-square-foot shops. The Todds hope to sell the property for $335,000.

“We’ve outgrown the location, basically,” Troy Todd said.

The larger location is a reality, but the property sale has yet to happen.

The Todds bought 5 acres of farmland on Meridian Road between Columbia and Hubbard roads. Troy Todd said he hopes to build a new storefront, with a showroom, and a new shop on the land, which he will design. Troy Todd used to build houses and commercial buildings.

Indian Creek Sports currently occupies 1.3 acres.

“We anticipate the business to grow to the point where we need to hire more employees,” Vicki Todd said.

The new storefront and indoor showroom will hopefully have a larger display for marine products and toys, and can show off the Misty Harbor pontoons and other boating brands.

The 8797 S. Meridian Road property is outside city limits, so Troy Todd worked with Kuna city officials to get it annexed into Kuna city limits. The City Council approved the annexation at its Tuesday, June 6 meeting.

Troy Todd hopes to break ground on the new facilities this fall.

“Kuna’s been good to me,” Troy Todd said. “So I wanted to keep (the business) in Kuna.”


In 1999, when Troy and Vicki Todd moved to Kuna, the business model was to have Troy Todd independently fixing up one boat at a time then selling it. In 2000, the Todds moved onto the Avalon property, and three years later, their commercial business was running.

The business deals in boat consignment sales, new and used motor sales, and more.

Land and brands expanded. The Todds involved themselves in community organizations and events, such as community softball teams and Kuna Days. They partnered with local businesses, such as Kuna Lumber and a local mechanic.

“We started out as a family-owned business and we continue to be a family-owned business,” Troy Todd said.

“And service-oriented,” Vicki Todd added, “(we) will strive to continue customer service as our number one focus.”

“I’m very thankful,” Troy Todd concluded, “to be where we’re at.”

Alx George is the IPT education reporter. Contact her at 465-8178 or ageorge@idahopress.com. Follow @missalxgeorge.


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