TNT Estates Subdivision

New apartments could be coming to Kuna. TNT Estates Subdivision’s future home, near Deer Flat Road and School Avenue, is shown here.


KUNA — A public hearing for a proposed 52-unit subdivision is scheduled for the July 5 City Council meeting.

The subdivision, called TNT Estates Subdivision, is off Deer Flat Road and School Avenue. It is composed of 13 two-story fourplex buildings of apartments across nine lots, according to a letter of intent for the subdivision. A tenth lot will have single-family home, which is currently on the lot.

The public hearing is scheduled to take place at 6 p.m. in City Council chambers.

The Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing June 13 for the subdivision.

A public hearing for the proposed apartments had been scheduled in March by Planning and Zoning previously, however it was reopened due to a public noticing infraction. Everything was correct except for the description of the location of the project, city planner Troy Behunin said at the June 13 meeting.

“The decision was made to take it back and reopen the public hearing to benefit anybody in the public who didn’t have a chance based on that technicality to come in and voice their opinion,” he said in the meeting minutes, “so that is why we are here tonight.”

The 4.7 acres of land currently has vegetation on it, according to a planning and zoning staff report, and was previously used for agriculture. It was annexed into the city last year.

TNT Estates Subdivision will be in the Kuna school district and the Kuna fire district, so residents will pay into those districts. If approved, it would use city sewer, water and pressure irrigation.

Eighty-four parking spots, the minimum required by city code, would be provided.

P&Z Commissioner John Laraway was concerned about the parking, and whether or not the layout would prove a problem for emergency vehicles.

The proposal applicant, Greg Bullock, responded that everything is up to code, and acknowledged the road would have to be widened.

“We have really reached an agreement on everything and modified everything from our meeting here three months ago,” Bullock said in the meeting minutes.

Laraway mentioned possible parking on Deer Flat Road, along the curb, but Behunin said there is no parking allowed on Deer Flat Road.

The commissioners unanimously voted to recommend approval of the proposed plat to the City Council. The vote was 3-0, with two commissioners absent.

Jay Walker, with AllTerra Consulting, represented TNT Estates Subdivision owners — the Troost family — at the meeting.

“It will provide nice housing for seniors and new families,” Walker said in the meeting minutes, “which is in short demand these days. And we are happy to do that.”

Alx George is the Kuna Melba News reporter. Contact her at 922-3008 or


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