A Canal

The A Canal is filling with irrigation water in anticipation of water deliveries for this grow season. Deliveries will begin April 20.

H&N photo by Steven Silton

KUNA — Kuna residents living on the south side of the Union Pacific railroad tracks will have their irrigation water delayed due to maintenance projects.

According to a city press release, repairs on major supply ditches are being performed, causing the irrigation water turn-on day to be delayed.

The city announced the official irrigation turn-on date to be April 20.

Boise-Kuna Irrigation company, which works with the city of Kuna to repair and turn on irrigation canals and laterals, found damages that require extensive repair in laterals that provide water to those living south of the rail road, according to the city press release.

There is no set time for when the irrigation laterals and canals will be turned on for residents.

Residents are encouraged to be patient during the fire up process.

Before April 20, the city checked for leaks and made repairs while inspecting the canals and lines.

Residents are recommended to switch their sprinkling system timers from peak use times to operate during off-peak times, the press release stated, particularly in the late afternoon. City staff requests that all irrigation users be frugal in their use of water. Water waste is prohibited by Kuna city code and violators are subject to disconnection of service.

Anyone with questions should call Kuna City Hall’s utility office at 922-5546. Residents can also call the Water Department’s water lead Robie Ford at 407-0526.


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