PALS stands for Partners in Active Learning Support and it’s a program that has been implemented in the Kuna FFA Chapter for 18 years.

It is a way for our Kuna FFA members to become more involved in our community and gain necessary leadership skills, through teaching fourth graders at Teed Elementary School about the agriculture industry.

Many of our agriculture students choose to go on to pursue agricultural education, so this is a unique way for students to get the teaching experience they’ll need.

Our high school PALS have the option to either lead an entire class with lessons, or be one-on-one with a fourth grader to help them with the activity and understanding lessons. High school students are able to develop meaningful, encouraging relationships with these fourth graders. This year, it was chaired by Mason Roberts, Jacob Rowland and Savannah Stroebel.

We started out in October with a harvest season-themed activity and lesson. Our class leaders presented on some of Idaho’s most important crops, and the processes they go through to get to your dinner plate.

The next activity was in November, and we helped the fourth graders make ice cream from scratch. The fourth graders learned about dairy products from a video made by the PALS chairmen.

The third activity was in March. Fourth graders came to our greenhouse so they could plant flowers for Mother’s Day. They also learned about how the greenhouse works, and the basics of photosynthesis.

Our final activity was May 4, the Ag Olympics. Fourth graders came to the high school again to play some games in the sun, as a last fun day with their high school PALS.

We would like to thank all of our partners at Teed Elementary as well for making this program so successful. The chapter is so excited to work with you again in the coming years!


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